The 2018 B2B Buying Disconnect

An in-depth study on buyer preferences, vendor impact, and the persistent trust gap in B2B technology

Buyers want the brutal truth, but vendors aren’t keeping up.

For the latest version of the B2B Buying Disconnect, TrustRadius surveyed over 650 technology buyers and vendors to get deeper insights into the B2B purchasing process. We found there is still a significant trust gap between buyers and vendors, especially when it comes to understanding what a product really can — and can’t — do. 

Key findings include:

  • 85% of vendors believe they are open and honest about their product’s limitations. Only 37% of buyers agree.
  • Just 23% of buyers said their vendor was highly influential in the purchasing decision. Those vendors were 2x more likely to be candid about their product and provide unbiased customer insights.
  • 84% of buyers said they were willing to share their perspective with prospects. There is potential for 2x participation in advocacy program, but vendors need to ask.
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We are proud to practice what we preach here at TrustRadius. This report was covered by Inc. Magazine, with a twist: I Asked the CEO of a Company That Preaches Brutal Truth to be Honest With Me. It Was Brutal.