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3 out of 5 Software Buyers Feel More Confident After Reading Reviews

The buyers’ journey to find the perfect software match is not the same as it used to be. When options were limited and information was selectively shared, buyers were content with settling. The journey was linear and predictable. But in today’s marketplace, your potential customers have specific needs that must

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TrustRadius Buyers Guide Schedule |

2019 Buyer’s Guide Schedule: How to Ensure Your Software is Featured

*This post has been updated on August 15th, 2019 with the Q4 2019 Buyer’s Guide publication schedule.* Your buyers are already on TrustRadius. They’re looking for insights from their peers—about your product, and about your competitors’ products. They’re trying to get the full picture, to find the best fit for

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b2b selling techniques

How the Trust Gap Impacts B2B Selling Techniques

Today, software buyers have a wide range of resources at their disposal. And the average buyer now uses an average of 5.2 different sources of information along the way. B2B customers utilize forums to discuss software options, see user reviewers as critical to their decision, and expect free trials or

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