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What B2B Content Do You Trust?

Content is playing an increasingly large role in B2B decision making. The 2014 B2B Buyer Survey by DemandGen indicated that for 64 percent of B2B buyers, the winning vendor’s content had a significant influence on their decision. Additionally, a March 2014 study by the CMO Council and Netline expressed that

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Software Reviews: Read beyond the ratings

It may seem odd for the CEO of a review site to take a stance against star ratings, but I believe they receive far too much emphasis. Don’t get me wrong. They have their place. In an era of content scanning and low attention spans, star ratings give a quick visual

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How Search and Social Empower the B2B Tech Buyer

A survey of 1,400 B2B buyers by the Corporate Executive Board indicated that an on average they complete 60 percent of a purchase process before engaging a vendor. Previously, a lot of research was done through talking to peers, posting on listservs and accessing vendor materials. Search and social are now

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Lessons for B2B: Can you trust reviews on TripAdvisor?

The UK newspaper the Daily Mail ran a story on August 4, “It’s the hotel review website that millions use to help choose their holiday. But… Can you trust a single word on Trip Advisor?” The essence of the story was that while TripAdvisor has developed enormous scale with more

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TrustRadius Secures $5 Million in Series A Financing from Mayfield Fund to Transform The Way Businesses Buy Enterprise Software

TrustRadius, which is reinventing the buying process for enterprise software through crowdsourcing, today announced that it has secured $5 million in Series A financing from Mayfield Fund to scale operations. The company also said that Mayfield Fund partner, Rajeev Batra, will join its board of directors. TrustRadius is the latest

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Transparency Coming to B2B Technology Marketing

The last decade has seen B2B technology marketers adapt to many shifts in distribution model and buyer behavior. Like consumers, business buyers are increasingly doing research online before talking to a vendor. In response, B2B marketers have significantly expanded their content marketing efforts by “providing valuable information or entertainment that stops

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