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What is customer voice and why does it matter to b2b marketers? | Trustradius

What Is Customer Voice and Why Does it Matter to Marketers?

Why Customer Voice Matters There’s an interesting irony in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. I’ve built my career by taking software and technology to market, with Fortune 50 companies early in my career, and now with growth-stage companies like TrustRadius. In that role I don’t just market technology, I also buy it…sometimes

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generating event reviews

5 Tips for Generating Reviews at Your Event

Hosting a user conference is one of the best ways to get seriously good face time with your clients. However, it may be a missed opportunity to get deep product feedback from attendees. But how do you actually get this done? Look no further than how ScienceLogic has partnered with

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how millennials buy software

How Many Millennials Does it Take to Buy Software?

The 2019 B2B Buying Disconnect No, this isn’t some kind of lightbulb joke. What do today’s software buyers really look like? In short, there are more millennials involved than you might think. In the new 2019 B2B Buying Disconnect report, we gained insights from 712 buyers and 229 vendor representatives

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New Survey of HR Software Users Highlights Top 10 Products

One key ingredient of every successful business is great people. Even before they become profitable, businesses are built by people that put in the time, energy, and creative power to turn diffuse ideas into focused success. Human resources (HR) software is an essential tool for people-powered businesses. If finding either

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