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What Do B2B Buyers Do at Each Stage of The Buying Process?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your buyers will bring their colleagues into the software purchasing process? Or when they’re most likely to respond to vendor outreach? Figuring out what matters most to your buyers during different parts of the buyer’s journey can deeply influence your relationship with them

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TrustRadius Buyers Guide Schedule |

2019 Buyer’s Guide Schedule: How to Ensure Your Software is Featured

*This post has been updated on August 15th, 2019 with the Q4 2019 Buyer’s Guide publication schedule.* Your buyers are already on TrustRadius. They’re looking for insights from their peers—about your product, and about your competitors’ products. They’re trying to get the full picture, to find the best fit for

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Dear B2B Tech Marketers, Your Marketing Tactics Suck—Here’s Why

The buyer’s journey and customer experience are trendy topics, and for good reason. Vendors want to fix their leaky sales funnels. They’re tightening up their marketing and sales pipelines to increase conversion rates at every stage. They’re trying harder to sell in a way that meets the needs and preferences

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What is customer voice and why does it matter to b2b marketers? | Trustradius

What Is Customer Voice and Why Does it Matter to Marketers?

Why Customer Voice Matters There’s an interesting irony in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. I’ve built my career by taking software and technology to market, with Fortune 50 companies early in my career, and now with growth-stage companies like TrustRadius. In that role I don’t just market technology, I also buy it…sometimes

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