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Reviews: Moving from Why to How

Time and time again, our data has shown that buyers don’t trust vendors. In fact, 85% of vendors say they’re open about their product’s limitations, however, only 37% of buyers thought their vendor lived up to that promise. In other words, buyers are very aware that vendor marketing and sales

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Customer Verified Badge Launch

Why TrustRadius is Launching the Customer Verified Program

Rideshares, Ratings, and Customer Verified Today TrustRadius launched a program — Customer Verified — that I believe brings a much-needed balance of trust to the customer reviews industry. But, although I’ve been deep in the planning of the launch, I’m not sure I really understood how much it was needed

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How to Find Your Customer Review Superhero

Reaching and influencing B2B buyers isn’t easy. More and more, buyers demand X-ray vision before they consider purchasing a product. They want to know everything about your products. They want to know how they work, use cases for different teams, product shortcomings, and customer experience. Most importantly, according to our

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The Rise of the Customer-Powered CEO

The SaaS Report recently published their 2018 Top 50 SaaS CEO list. The CEOs were selected based on feedback from employees and industry colleagues, and assessed across areas including integrity, intelligence, energy, company culture, and company growth. As I perused the list, I recognized many leaders that exhibit a key

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