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TIBCO CMO Shares His Secret for Launching a Marketing Rocket Ship

Thomas Been, CMO of TIBCO, was recently named Marketing Executive of the Year by PR World Awards. We recently spoke to Thomas about the role customers play in his award-winning strategy.   Tell us about TIBCO and your role at the company. TIBCO provides businesses with connected intelligence. On one

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Strategy Spotlight: How to turn your customers into a powerful asset

Bill Lee is the founder of the Center for Customer Engagement, where he has built a community of top-tier corporations that includes Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, HubSpot and Oracle. We sat down with Bill to discuss how customers can become a valuable resource for today’s technology companies. Why do

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Do You Know The Shelf Life of Your Reviews?

Our recent research has shown how B2B buyers are using reviews to compare products, build their short and long lists, and validate vendor claims — all crucial steps in the evaluation process. For reviews to be impactful at these stages, buyers say they should be authenticated, in-depth, balanced and representative.

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Why Content, Not Scores, Should Drive Your Review Strategy

If you work for a software vendor, you probably already know that your buyers are using and other review sites to compare products. According to our latest survey, that’s how 82% of buyers on are using our site. As they build their long and short lists, reviews and

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How to Choose the Right B2B Review Site

As reviews become an increasingly important part of the B2B buyer’s journey, many tech vendors are realizing they need to develop a proactive strategy around third-party review sites like TrustRadius, but they aren’t sure where to start. As head of Research at TrustRadius, I’m responsible for making the most

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