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Pragmatic Marketing Podcast on the B2B Buying Disconnect

Last week, research director Megan Headley joined Pragmatic Marketing’s Rebecca Kalogeris on the Pragmatic Live podcast to discuss The B2B Buying Disconnect, our landmark study on technology buyers and vendors. “There’s been lots of studies that show B2B buyers are conducting more independent research than ever before, and are increasingly

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How to Get Your First 10 Reviews (and Why It Matters)

The TrustRadius Research team interacts regularly with software vendors, and we usually get a lot of questions about reviews — specifically, why reviews matter, and how vendors can go about getting them. Here are some common questions, and our answers. I’m a software vendor. Why should I care about reviews?

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Why We’ve Rejected Over 13,000 Reviews & Ratings

Let me start by explaining why the word “trust” is in our name. Trust is the most important factor to buyers who are reading reviews and using reviews to help them decide what to buy. When TrustRadius was founded, trustworthiness was proving to be a challenge for consumer reviews, and

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Buyers Weigh in on What Makes Reviews Helpful, Trustworthy

We recently asked technology buyers and vendors to help us answer some big questions about the technology purchasing process. At a high level we wondered, how well do vendors understand about the buyer’s journey? Are there any key areas of alignment or disconnect? And is there anything vendors should do

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