Buyers Have Changed.
Have You?

There is a trust gap between buyers and vendors

Only 37% of buyers believe their vendor was open and honest about product limitations. And that lack of transparency directly translates into your ability to impact buyers — just 23% said their vendor was highly influential in their buying decision.

So buyers are creating their own journey

89% of buyers conduct anonymous and independent research during the first six months of the purchasing process. On average, buyers consult 4.9 information sources to get a complete picture of the product, and the most trustworthy and influential sources don’t come from vendors.

Buyers are searching for people like them

84% of buyers seek input from peers and existing users. But case studies and vendor-provided references aren’t enough — they want balanced and unbiased feedback, not just your hand-selected advocates. Reviews provide that authenticity, and are now the no. 2 most used information source during the purchasing process.

Your customers can help you bridge the gap

B2B buyers want feedback, but they are also open to sharing feedback to help their peers. 84% said they would be willing to do more to share their perspective with other buyers. Reviews are a scalable and trustworthy way to leverage your customers.

Transparent vendors win more deals

B2B technology is a high-stakes purchase, and often requires significant vendor involvement to get the deal done. But to win over buyers, you need to proactively put customer proof at every touchpoint. Very influential vendors are 2x more likely to be candid about their product and provide authentic customer insights.

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