Authenticity Is The Future: Oracle CCO On The Evolving Role Of Customers In Enterprise

Authenticity is the Future: Oracle CCO on the evolving role of customers in enterprise

Jeb Dasteel is the Chief Customer Officer at Oracle and co-author, with Craig LeGrande and Amir Hartman, of Competing for Customers: Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution. We talked to Jeb about what it means to be customer-centric and how Oracle is embracing customer voice as a strategic advantage. Tell us about your role at Oracle. When I was named Chief Customer Officer at Oracle, I literally didn’t know anybody else that had that title. I came to Oracle in 1998, and in late 2004, I was asked to take on the task of driving…

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The Engagement Economy: How To Build The Relationship B2B Buyers Want

The Engagement Economy: How to build the relationship B2B buyers want

Recently, marketing automation vendor Marketo partnered with Illuminas to conduct research on The State of Engagement in 2017. They surveyed 1,192 marketers and 1,000 B2C and B2B buyers to find out how marketers build relationships with their buyers and where there is room for improvement. The study’s main conclusion — that “marketers think they are effective at customer engagement, but consumers think they could do better” — draws a clear parallel with TrustRadius’ own research into the The B2B Buying Disconnect, in which we specifically looked at the gaps and opportunities between business technology buyers and vendors. Drawing on findings from…

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CMO Inflect: 5 Key Takeaways On Marketing With Art And Science

CMO Inflect: 5 key takeaways on marketing with art and science

On Sept. 21, over 350 marketing executives gathered at the Computer History Museum for TiE Silicon Valley's CMO Inflect. The event focused on balancing the art and the science of marketing as the buyer’s journey continues to change at a rapid pace. “While the science is helping us be more precise, there is going to be a resurgence in the art of marketing,” said Manish Gupta, conference chair and CMO at Redis Labs. “That emotive aspect of the company needs to be led by the CMO across the board.” In almost every session, two themes rose to the top as key…

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Coupa CMO On The Importance Of Customer Voice In A Peer-Bound World

Coupa CMO on the Importance of Customer Voice in a Peer-Bound World

Chandar Pattabhiram is the CMO of Coupa, a cloud-based spend management platform, and previously led marketing at Marketo and Badgeville. He will be on stage with our founder and CEO Vinay Bhagat, MapD CMO Grant Halloran and Gainsight CCO Allison Pickens at CMO Inflect on Sept. 21 for a session on Accelerating Growth With Your Customer’s Voice. We recently talked to Chandar about his unique perspective on leveraging customers and advocacy to drive marketing results.   As a marketing leader, how are you adapting to the change in B2B buying behavior? We used to live in a world where brands…

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New Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Launch A 5-star Review Program

New Guide: Everything you need to know to launch a 5-star review program

Marketing and selling B2B technology isn’t easy. Bill Macaitis, who has led marketing at Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce and is now a TrustRadius board advisor, coined a phrase that instantly resonated with our team: B2B is a tough beast. You’re not selling in one day, you’re selling over months. People have never done so much research, often times before they even reach out to you, and during that process they want to hear from real customers. To the extent you can provide that to them, you are going to build trust. And trust is key, especially for a SaaS company…

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How Reviews Influence Economic Buyers And Buying Committees

How Reviews Influence Economic Buyers and Buying Committees

When it comes to signing on the dotted line for a new tech product, do reviews influence the economic buyer? In short, yes — sometimes economic buyers read reviews themselves, and sometimes reviews bubble up to them through buying committees. Here’s our full analysis, based on TrustRadius site traffic and registrations, market trends, and survey results. Which buyers reads reviews? To understand who is being influenced by reviews, let’s first look at who is actually reading them on third-party sites like TrustRadius. (Keep in mind one major caveat: TrustRadius reviews are also consumed beyond our site itself, through syndication to…

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Strategy Spotlight: How To Become Your Own Chief Listening Officer

Strategy Spotlight: How to become your own Chief Listening Officer

Bob London, founder and CEO of Chief Listening Officers, helps B2B companies develop marketing strategies by tuning in to their customers’ challenges and priorities. We sat down with Bob to discuss how vendors can capture the customer’s voice and put it to work in marketing and sales.   When did you realize the value in listening to customers? Over the past 20 years, I have worked with a lot of B2B technology companies as a marketing executive and outsourced CMO. When these companies would share their marketing and sales strategies with me, many of them were very confident that they…

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Executives Vs. End-Users: Who Do Your Buyers Want To Hear From?

Executives vs. End-Users: Who do your buyers want to hear from?

If you’re thinking about a review program, you probably know that your buyers would rather hear from your customers — the people actually using your product — than your marketing team or your sales reps. The next question to ask yourself is, which customers should you ask to share feedback? Many vendors believe that reviews from executives are the most important, and want to focus their outreach on that segment. The impulse behind this executive mindset is understandable. Some think that the more impressive a reviewer’s title, the more influence their review will have on purchasing decisions. Others believe that…

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