How To Get Your First 10 Reviews (and Why It Matters)

How to Get Your First 10 Reviews (and Why It Matters)

The TrustRadius Research team interacts regularly with software vendors, and we usually get a lot of questions about reviews — specifically, why reviews matter, and how vendors can go about getting them. Here are some common questions, and our answers. I’m a software vendor. Why should I care about reviews? Really just one reason — because your buyers care. Research shows that: B2B buyers are doing more research, and doing it independently. Reviews are becoming more influential as a third-party resource. In particular, buyers are looking for authenticated, in-depth, and balanced reviews. Buyers don’t trust vendors — they’d rather hear directly from end-users. An added…

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Let Your Customers Do The Talking: Session From Digital Sales Engine

Let Your Customers Do The Talking: Session from Digital Sales Engine

If you want to accelerate pipeline and improve win rate, the solution is hiding in plain site. Your customers are an incredibly powerful — and often underutilized — tool in the B2B sales process. At last week’s Digital Sales Engine online summit, TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat discussed strategies and solutions for leveraging your customer’s voice to engage today’s informed buyer.

Check out the recording and full transcript below.

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The B2B Buyer’s Search For Trustworthy Advice

The B2B Buyer’s Search for Trustworthy Advice

We read a lot about the buyer’s journey. And while it is often credited with putting customers squarely in control of buying decisions, reality is not quite that simple. The fact is, much of the change in buying processes is a direct response to dwindling trust factors in vendors’ sales and marketing. Today’s sales efforts tend to be more about selling, and less about helping prospective customers buy. As a result, buyers have become increasingly skeptical of what they see as the self-serving agenda of the approved sales pitch and more savvy about finding resources for the advice and recommendations…

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How Search And Social Empower The B2B Tech Buyer

How Search and Social Empower the B2B Tech Buyer

A survey of 1,400 B2B buyers by the Corporate Executive Board indicated that an on average they complete 60 percent of a purchase process before engaging a vendor. Previously, a lot of research was done through talking to peers, posting on listservs and accessing vendor materials. Search and social are now fundamentally changing how buyers research products.

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Transparency Coming To B2B Technology Marketing

Transparency Coming to B2B Technology Marketing

The last decade has seen B2B technology marketers adapt to many shifts in distribution model and buyer behavior. Like consumers, business buyers are increasingly doing research online before talking to a vendor. In response, B2B marketers have significantly expanded their content marketing efforts by “providing valuable information or entertainment that stops short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, which seeks to positively influence a customer in some way.” This strategy has been quite effective, but remains a far cry from content available to consumers. Consumers are empowered to do comprehensive research prior to a decision through peer reviews and forums.

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