The B2B Buying Disconnect: Year-over-year Trends Show Vendors Need To Spin Less To Sell More

The B2B Buying Disconnect: Year-over-year trends show vendors need to spin less to sell more

We are excited to release the 2018 B2B Buying Disconnect, our second annual report on the evolving relationship between technology buyers and vendors. In 2017, we focused on identifying the gaps between buyers and vendors, and discovered that vendors were not providing the resources and information their buyers wanted. This year, we took a closer look at buyer priorities, as well as the specific tactics that impact vendor trustworthiness and influence. Over 650 buyers and vendors took aligning surveys on the B2B purchasing process that covered how buyers make purchasing decisions, what information sources buyers use and trust, what information…

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CMO Inflect: 5 Key Takeaways On Marketing With Art And Science

CMO Inflect: 5 key takeaways on marketing with art and science

On Sept. 21, over 350 marketing executives gathered at the Computer History Museum for TiE Silicon Valley's CMO Inflect. The event focused on balancing the art and the science of marketing as the buyer’s journey continues to change at a rapid pace. “While the science is helping us be more precise, there is going to be a resurgence in the art of marketing,” said Manish Gupta, conference chair and CMO at Redis Labs. “That emotive aspect of the company needs to be led by the CMO across the board.” In almost every session, two themes rose to the top as key…

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Executives Vs. End-Users: Who Do Your Buyers Want To Hear From?

Executives vs. End-Users: Who do your buyers want to hear from?

If you’re thinking about a review program, you probably know that your buyers would rather hear from your customers — the people actually using your product — than your marketing team or your sales reps. The next question to ask yourself is, which customers should you ask to share feedback? Many vendors believe that reviews from executives are the most important, and want to focus their outreach on that segment. The impulse behind this executive mindset is understandable. Some think that the more impressive a reviewer’s title, the more influence their review will have on purchasing decisions. Others believe that…

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The Positive Impact Of Negative Feedback In Reviews

The Positive Impact of Negative Feedback in Reviews

With so much riding on their technology stack, B2B buyers need to have a good understanding of a product’s shortcomings before they purchase it. But buyers know that vendors usually aren’t forthcoming about their product’s limitations. To make sure they’re getting the full picture, buyers go straight to end-users instead, tapping into their personal network and consulting third-party reviews. According to our latest survey, 88% of buyers using TrustRadius were looking for negative feedback in addition to positive insights. While most vendors appreciate that critical feedback is essential for building a better product, knowing buyers read that negative feedback on…

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Strategy Spotlight: How To Turn Your Customers Into A Powerful Asset

Strategy Spotlight: How to turn your customers into a powerful asset

Bill Lee is the founder of the Center for Customer Engagement, where he has built a community of top-tier corporations that includes Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, HubSpot and Oracle. We sat down with Bill to discuss how customers can become a valuable resource for today’s technology companies. Why do you view customer engagement as such an important driver of business growth? One of the most innovative areas in business today is finding ways to engage your customers that provide extraordinary value beyond just clearing their checks. Existing customers are helping to educate buyers as they make their purchasing decisions.…

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Why We’ve Rejected Over 13,000 Reviews & Ratings

Why We’ve Rejected Over 13,000 Reviews & Ratings

Let me start by explaining why the word “trust” is in our name. Trust is the most important factor to buyers who are reading reviews and using reviews to help them decide what to buy. When TrustRadius was founded, trustworthiness was proving to be a challenge for consumer reviews, and the team knew trust would be especially important for professionals making high-dollar, mission-critical software purchase decisions for their organizations. Years later, the way in which B2B software is bought and sold continues to evolve, with many studies showing that B2B buyers are more empowered to find information on their own…

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Two Roads Diverged: Why We Turned Away From Paid Lead Generation

Two Roads Diverged: Why we turned away from paid lead generation

The Birth of TrustRadius It was December 2011. I was shopping for a gift for my wife, a coffee machine, so I went to Williams-Sonoma. The sales person recommended one of the in-stock products, but I didn’t fully trust their advice. I talked to a friend who recommended a brand called Jura. I searched online for reviews and stumbled across a site called CoffeeGeek which had amazingly thorough reviews. They affirmed his recommendation and gave me the confidence to buy. At the time, I was Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Convio, a SaaS platform that helped nonprofits raise money…

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Buyers Weigh In On What Makes Reviews Helpful, Trustworthy

Buyers Weigh in on What Makes Reviews Helpful, Trustworthy

We recently asked technology buyers and vendors to help us answer some big questions about the technology purchasing process. At a high level we wondered, how well do vendors understand about the buyer’s journey? Are there any key areas of alignment or disconnect? And is there anything vendors should do differently? You can download the complete study, The B2B Buying Disconnect, for those answers. Of course we also wanted to know, where do reviews fit in? What factors are important to buyers when using reviews to inform their selection decision? And, in terms of review strategy, where should vendors —…

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